I am a believer in the power of purpose  who  is devoted to supporting women achieve a  JOY-FUL-FILLED life!   

We each have a 'younique' identity and our joy journey begins when we  know how to live in harmony with who we were created to be.

About Lori Alcorn

My own personal pregnant pause began in 2006, so I know what it is like to feel like to have your world turned upside down by not being able to follow that same pattern everyone else seems to get to follow.  I know what it feels like to experience the various, unexpected losses when the pregnancy plan doesn't happen the way you hoped.

What started as a journey towards a bundle of joy ended up the most heartbreaking road I’d ever walked. The one purpose, I had been certain was my path, was crumbling.  All the test results were negative, as were the results within my life.  I was losing my joy, my sense of meaning, and worst of all, myself.


After four years of suffering through the painful labor of simply trying to get pregnant, I decided to put an actual pause on it all.  I became determined joy had to come in other shapes than a baby.  I went on a journey to rediscover joy, to find fulfillment and purpose, to renew my hope.  A journey to becoming positive, even when all the results are negative.

Infertility Coach, Author, Blogger, Public Speaker


About The Pregnant Pause

n. pregnant pause 
A pause used for timing to increase expectation, that carries the expectation that it will be followed by something significant.

For those of us who have been waiting a long time for a pregnancy, the idea of the pregnant pause is ironic and sometimes even comedic. And it's not only our ability to stay pregnant that is on pause, our whole lives tend to feel stuck in the waiting room.


Part of my nature has always been to be supportive for others, but I found it incredibly difficult to find my own support when I needed it during my fertility challenges. I longed for someone who could walk alongside me and offer experienced insight into the fertility journey. I determined one day I would use what I learned to walk alongside other women who feel alone, and silenced by a society not yet fully equipped to support their irregular fertility journeys. I refused to let my journey be defined by uncertainty, isolation, and frustration, and that is my hope for you too. This is the reason I created The Pregnant Pause.

Holding Hands

Since 2014 I have been facilitating various support groups for women walking this paused path, and also provide one-on-one coaching, so women have a safe place to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences around issues with, or inability to, conceive children. Whatever stage you are at, I am here to provide support, be a sounding board, and offer insight from my own personal experience, so that you are able to find a way towards living a positive life!

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A journey to becoming positive, when all the results are negative!

This is my story.  It's not just a story about infertility loss, it's about identity loss. I felt I was lost without a bundle of joy, but joy isn't a feeling, or a circumstance, it's a state of being. My story became about what you find when you think all is lost!
Come, join me on my joy journey!

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