The Pregnant Pause Book

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n. Pregnant Pause - a pause that carries the expectation it will be followed by something significant.


For 13 years Lori has been stuck in the waiting room, still expecting to become expecting.  And it wasn’t just her ability to be pregnant that was on pause, her whole life was stuck on pause.

So, what do you do when you are:

*Always waiting for answers?     
*Beginning to feel hopeless?       

*Stuck in the negativity?

One day, she just couldn’t wait anymore, her ability to get pregnant was on pause but that didn’t mean her whole life had to be!  Lori faced all the hard questions head on, determined not to let hope and joy evade her any longer.  As she began to own and embrace the reality of her story, she realized she was not only struggling with infertility loss but identity loss as well.  Lori's story began with the unraveling of a lifelong purpose, but soon became a story about what you find when you think all is lost!


In The Pregnant Pause, Lori details her journey through infertility, taking you on a tour of all the highs and lows.  Join Lori as she shares the ins and outs of re-discovering love, faith, and hope on this painful path.  Once you start Lori's story, you won't want to put it down until you know how she did it, how she found her way to positivity when all the results were negative.

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