Pregnant Pause

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Trying to conceive can have an impact on every part of your life; body, mind, heart & soul. I get it, I've been there.

Pregnant Pause Coaching is for women whose journey to motherhood is on pause. Whatever stage you are in, it is common to feel stuck and Coaching is about finding a way to live more fully today, rather than focusing on the waiting.

Coaching isn't about filling a void, it is about discovering a more fulfilling life. Infertility and pregnancy loss do not have to define you. A pregnant pause doesn't have to mean hope & joy are on pause as well, and Coaching can help you find them once again.

Do you recognize any of these challenges?

* You feel as though you've lost your sense of self, sense
of family, sense of fulfillment.

* You feel as though a large part of your life is on pause.

* You want to take better care of your wellness in all
areas of life.

* You feel alone or misunderstood in your pause or loss.

* You would like to move beyond coping and find more 
joy & meaning in life.

You have experienced losses & grief related to pregnancy & infertility, and feel you need help processing.

I can help you with that!

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At a Loss Art Journaling eCourse

Hit reset on your emotions with 4 weeks of tapping into intuitive insights in this self-paced course!

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At a Loss Art Journaling Prompts

This year give yourself the gift of getting your voice back! Dare to express yourself and discover the inner healing waiting for you.

I also work with clients through Creative Courses

Don't let joy elude you any longer!

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Professional Bio

I am a certified Life Coach and a graduate of Applied Counselling, as well as trained in Art in Mindfulness and Healing Grief with Art & Writing. I have been coaching in various roles for over 18 years, both one-on-one and in group support environments. I have also led numerous creative workshops and I've used art journaling as a way to heal for over 15 years.

Since my pregnant pause began in 2006, I have been through many stages & losses, but through it all I knew I didn't want my journey defined by those losses. There was no one to walk me through my journey, so I became that person for other women. As someone who knows the paused path well, I can reflect hope & encouragement in the pursuit of your best life. Through the years I have collected tools, resources, strategies and insights that I am eager to share with you, to help others find the positive when all the results are negative.


One hour session prices start at $80 CAN

Coaching Package

Coaching on a monthly basis starts at $60/hr CAN

Online Coaching

Online Coaching starts at $60/hr CAN

Creative Courses

Creative Courses are available from $0 - $199 CAN

Ready for your personalized Coaching experience?

Now you know me, I'd love to know a bit about who you are & what joy dreams you have!

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